Sunstretch Energy is a social enterprise utilizing innovative ways to improve access to energy by removing the barriers that affect the adoption of renewable energy in Nigeria–starting with solar solutions. These barriers include education/awareness on renewables, financing and distribution.

We drive adoption of renewable energy by bringing high quality and need-based solar solutions to the people in communities, educating them on the technology in a fun and interactive way, and working with financing partners to lower the costs associated with adoption.


Sunstretch is one of those few firms that don't just sell stuff to you but ensure you get the best out of their services. I'm independent of PHCN

Iortim OghenetegaSunstretch, the best

With the electricity challenges we face in the country, i would recommend Sunstretch Solar options for anyone. They are totally reliable.

Folashade OwolabiReliable solar options

What is solar energy all about?

Solar energy is radiant energy that emanates from the sun as light and heat. It is an infinitely renewable resource and unique for its ability to generate energy in a quiet, clean, and consistent manner. At Sunstretch, we provide solutions that efficiently harvests this energy from the sun to generate enough electricity to power our homes and businesses.

Why should I be interested in solar power?

If you are discontent with regular power outages, noisy and fummy generating sets and huge recurring expenses on fueling, then you should be interested in solar power. This is because solar power represents an energy source that’s literally free after installation, noiseless, clean and totally reliable. Sunstretch doesn’t just sell and install solar equipment, we proffer an energy solution that suits your needs.

How much does it cost to power my home or business with solar energy?

Cost of solar power systems are usually dependent on the number of appliances and their respective wattage contained in your house. It could range from very low-cost to very expensive, depending on your energy spending.To get a clear estimate of your energy needs, try out our PV Calculator (add link here) now.

How long does the solar power system last?

Solar panels last for an average of 25 years and other components do between 5-10 years. At Sunstretch, we are confident to offer a two-year warranty to our clients for our solutions. It is typical that our clients go well over five years without any system failure. To help our system last longer, we run an exquisite maintenance program for every client.

How much maintenance does the solar power system require?

Little or nothing at all! The systems almost have a zero-maintenance cost. All that’s required is to clean debris and dust particles from off the solar panels; inspect the battery, especially the terminals; inspect the wiring system and ensure all safety standard measures are being adhered to.

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Solar Experience Center

Visitors are led through a highly interactive, engaging experience with solar technologies as well as are exposed to a wide range of high quality solar PV products. It serves both as a storefront and an education Centre.

Sunstretch Power

We provide sustainable and affordable solar PV solutions for residential and SME locations. We are empowering homes and businesses in Nigeria enjoy reliable and affordable energy, while also taking full control of usage and availability.

Rural Reach

We establish sustainable last mile distribution networks for solar portable devices to peri-urban and rural communities through leveraging strategic partnerships. We work with self-help groups, co-operatives and development organizations to create and develop markets for solar in these locations.

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